passwd command


13>passwd command


Allows you to change your password.


-r      Specifies the repository to which an operation is applied. The supported repositories are files, nis or nisplus.
-a     Show password attributes for all entries. Use only with the -s option; name must not be provided. For the nisplus repository, this will show only the entries in the NIS+ password table in the local domain that the invoker is authorized to “read”. For the files repository, this is restricted to the superuser.
-d     Deletes password for name. The login name will not be prompted for password. It is only applicable to the files repository.
-l     Locks password entry for name.
-e     Change the login shell. For the files repository, this only works for the super-user. Normal users may change the nis or nisplus repositories. The choice of shell is limited by the requirements of getusershell(3C). If the user currently has a shell that is not allowed by getusershell , only root may change it.
-f     Force the user to change password at the next login by expiring the password for name.


passwd  – entering just passwd would allow you to change the password. After entering passwd you will receive the following three prompts:

Current Password:
New Password:
Confirm New Password:

Each of these prompts must be entered and entered correctly for the password to be successfully changed.


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