Barasat journey begins….

It was around 10:00 am that we started our journey to barasat university with myself,indradg,stephdg,rtnpo,meejan,kishan goyal and chandana boral.From bus to bus and again van,must say that was fun.We reached around 11:30 ,we went into the server room,first experience with HP Blade Server and UPS which was Liebert GXT-MT 6KVA UPS with a OpenComms Web Card.Indradg gave information about the ports and how to operate it,what was there cable line up and how to operate it a bit.Huge batteries with large power capabilities were there….

Now it was the time to start up,we had to download the Fedora 11 repository which was started up by rtnpro,he first of all had some problem with the rsync,called sushmit da,did a bit of googling,mean while kishan and stephdg went out to have some tea.rtnpro called subhodip da and finally started with it…

The work started,stephdg along with meejan and chandana made posters quoting “Do not switch off this machine.Work in progress ” .. Now was the time to go but rtnpro messed up a bit with system.He shut down the downloading process which was agin retrived by him and finally we got out at around 5:30pm.

It was a long day.


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