OLPC and Sugarlabs

This was what i always wanted to work for, i remember the days when i was keen on working on anything, i get to work for OLPC project. After a long time,  after seeking things to work upon i choose translations for OLPC softwares because i was not getting anything to work upon in OLPC. But this was not what i wanted, but i wanted to work for it as a developer too. I am very thankfull to kushal das as he has always motivated me and was really behind me on getting things work for me. I would also like to thank sayamindu das gupta for his help on each and every query of mine patiently. So here i am now working on building a pygtk based font configuration  panel for sugar control panel. Currently i have proposed three mockups for the same and really looking forward to it. The first one

"The First model"

" The First model"

contains a simple drag menu to adjust the size as starting from 5 to 48 with default 10 and default font Sans Serif .[1]This will also contain a restart sign at the bottom of the frame. The second one as shown contains the same features as in gnome font panel, the button at the middle of the frame works same as desktop fonts work in gnome, on pressing it we will get various font and size changing options.

"The second model"

"The Second model"

The third model i proposed contains kinda work as the language settings in sugar works i.e a dropdown menu will
appear containing the font sizes.

"The Third model"

[1] By saying this i mean a icon at the bottom that updates the changes in font, the next time system is rebooted. After confirmation with devel team and design team will work on the coding part. Now i am going through gnome guide specially the gconf part. and python and pygtk docs 🙂 .


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3 Responses to OLPC and Sugarlabs

  1. Tomeu Vizoso says:

    Welcome to Sugar Labs, hope you have lots of fun!

  2. SRIRAM says:

    This seems great!!
    Check this out….
    Thanx for introducing.. Keep going

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