Font panel extension for sugar


Lately i am working on font panel extension for sugar control panel. Had loads of pygtk documentation and it still is going on. Have not been blogging since a long time, was quite busy with this font panel stuff which is to be included in 0.90 version. Almost it has been complete with few bits to tweak upon for finalising. Will be blogging with whole lot of documentation and various screen shots of my project advancement. As for now working with sugar folks is complete fun and specially unmanindu and erikos has been helping a lot with lots of stuff. After i am done with it, will be posting the complete process of its advancement. Till then “stay cool stay foolish” 😉


Chicken Pox blues!!!


Since these days i was suffering from chicken pox and was really very much in pain. I was in so much pain and was so weak that i could not even speak nicely for few days. It really drove me nuts for around three weeks. But on the contrary it also gave me some time to go through the pygtk documentation and refrence which before i was using in my codes just by taking refrence from the documentation.

But now i am recovering quite well, although i have grown very very weak 😦 . But now i have got quite good base for pygtk which will help in sugarlabs project. Currently i am focusing and concentrating my energy for some good work 🙂 .