FUDcon planning india 2010

The Fedora Users and Developers Conference or FUDCon is back and this time we are planning it to be held in India. For those of you who are not aware of it, FUDCon is a massive international conference that takes place in different parts of the world and brings together Fedora users and developers from various parts of the world to interact together to give something back to the Linux community. Commonly, FUDCons area a combination of barcamp style conferences, FUDPub or a social event, hackfests etc.

Events like FUDCon are a major help to all users and developers and users, especially new ones. The exposure and help that is available in these conferences is truly amazing and there are very few greater opportunity of learning from seasoned developers. The ideas and tips that are received during these sessions result in a quality of work that is much higher that work done at homes or separately.

The potential venue for FUDCon 2010 is either Bangalore or Pune with Pune getting preference because of consideration of costs of hosting the event and the possible availability of SICSR, Pune as a venue, where gnunify.in was recently held. Since the preparation for such a massive event is bound to take quite some time, the dates of the event are tentatively set for sometime in the months of October or November, although dates are still to decided.

However, in order to host such a huge event, we need all the help that we can possibly get. Here is where the rest of you come in. This is a direct request to all the LUGs all over India. We need all the help we can get and therefore are appealing to you to come forward and help. All those people who would be willing to help in the organisation of the event as volunteers are invited to join us.


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