DAY-0 28 MAY 2010

It all started from our journying from durgapur to kolkata to catch our flight, which was destined to go at 5:30PM. We(me, kishan, meejan) started from durgapur at around 10:00AM. Everything was going fine and we were having loads of fun, with few disscussions on packaging. We reached kolkata on time, after which kishan had to go to his uncle’s place to take his identity proof for boarding the flight. Me and meejan grabed some lunch at KFC and then collectively we all went to airport. Our flight was delayed for about an hour or so :(. Kishan and meejan were having damn excitment as it was their first flight with butterflies in stomach too :P, Kishan’s face was a treat to watch when plane took off from kolkata airport. We boarded the spicejet flight and travelled almost half of india on our way to pune as it was a damn long flight i.e from kolkata to Delhi and then to pune. We reached pune at around 12:00PM and were picked up by sankarshan(Thanks :)). We went to the guest house which was arranged by REDHAT people for our stay. At the guest house we found kushaldas(Thanks :)) too who along with sankarshan helped us in reaching our rooms. The place was cozy and cool and we were told to reach REDHAT office at 9:00AM tomorrow morning i.e on 29th. We found rtnpro there too, who reached before us as he had an early flight. As we were damn tired, we all went to sleep.

DAY-1 29 MAY 2010

It started with meeting shrink, mether and variour other Redhat and Fedora people. The only sessions of the day was on autotools by Siddhesh. The session was pretty much informative and interactive, Siddhesh went into explaining how Makefile and Configure files are automatically generated from Makefile.am and configure.ac with his linkc program. The first day i spent taking few bugs fixing and packaging tips from rakesh, who was fixing security bugs. I spent my time looking into details of packaging, following the packaging documentation in fedora wiki.

At the lunch time, people from Bhasha Technologies who came to meet the Fedora ARM contributes had small conversation with us on their various projects. I along with Salim, kishan decided to work on suggested projects. The day finished off and we(me, kishan, meejan, Ankur) went to have dinner with kushal and mether. After having lunch we headed to kushal’s and mether’s place were we had loads of fun playing Wii.

DAY-2 30 may 2010

I started the day with packaging openEMR for fedora-medical, as listed by susmit on mailing list. The talk of the day, i was looking for was of sayamindu, who gave a talk on OLPC as a downstream of Fedora project. Meanwhile i packaged openEMR. At the end of the day we had disscussions on more upcoming FAD’s and FUDCON in india(disscussion will continue).

At night we(I, kishan, meejan, rtnpro, ankur) along with kushal, mether and salim went to Hakka for a nice chinese dinner. Again at the end we went to kushal’s place to play on Wii(i played boxing and my hand is still paining 😦 )


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