Spell Bee concept application

24 july 2010

Since few days me and kishan is working on a project/idea named spell bee[1]( named just for reference of topic, name yet to be decided). We are basically trying to develop a desktop game application based on the popular “spelling bee” game/quiz.

A ‘Spelling Bee’ is a game in which a user listens to a spoken word and tries to spell that word correctly. Spelling Bees are conducted across the globe and are widely popular. We intend to bring this game to the desktop, i.e. to develop an application which would allow one or more users to play the game on their pc, basically Spelling Bee is an immensely popular and successful concept. Having a
desktop application based on the same would be a fun, yet learning experience, especially for children.

We will be using Programming Language: Python
Interface Design: PyGtk

Database: Sqlite3
Text-to-Speech: Festival(tested)/espeak( to be tested)

A look at the app. from user’s view :

The player will have a choice to select a proper difficulty level, based on age groups OR class. The game would consist of the player (pressing a button) to listen to the word being spoken( using the TTS)
and would have to key in the correct spelling. The game is declared “over” when the player gets 3 incorrect spellings. There would be a constant score-display to the player and at the end of the game, if a new “High Score” has been achieved, the played would be asked to fill up his/her name and Records would be maintained. The user can chose to “Play Again” or exit.

As of now, we have not thought about any other language. Once we get the app working in English, we could look into the possibility of extending it to other language.

I will be updating more in details as we proceed. Till then cheers 🙂

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spelling_bee