Fudcon India@pune


It all started with inauguration ceremony by COEP director at around 10:00 AM. The next was keynote session by fedora project lead Jared Smith explaining how fedora started for him, what he expects from the community and giving insights on what exactly fedora is, with emphasis on contributing at various levels. Then was three different talks but i choose to attend talk by our very dear rtnpro on Transifix an open source translation platform :https://www.transifex.net/start/ . After a very long talk by rtnpro, i with other fedora community folks went for some lunch and socializing with community to which we only knew before on IRC’s from there nicks and it was a damn good experience to hangout with them. After the lunch i headed to Fedora web of trust talk by Heherson Pagcaliwagan but couldn’t concentrate much because was stuck with my netbook wifi drivers  for fedora 15 running on it. Then was satya’s talk on Drools(Jboss) , which i wanted to attend but it was conflicting with Joerg Simmon’s on Fedora Security Lab and the OSSTMM, which i went for in the end. I was bit fascinated with kital’s talk on security spin and OSSTMM, because the context of security which i had in mind, it completely blew it away and then it gave me much more insights of it at a different level. After the talk i had a small conversation with kital on how OSSTMM helps as far as security is concerned at the code level itself and how we can drill down to things  in a much statical way. Took the OSSTMM iso and few pdf’s from him to give it a shot and try and implement things at my current work scenario.


The day-2 started out bit late for me, missed the Thoughts about community talk by Harish Pillay. And then were series of talks on various other stuff but was more looking forward towards the once related to system management and security. The first talk i attended was on Security in the Open Source world! by Huzaifa Sidhpurwala, Eugene Teo. Next talk attended and loved was on GlusterFS : Hacking-HOWTO by Amar Tumballi, he explained how GlusterFS is  scale-out NAS file system and its advantages over other distributed file systems. Next talk i was looking forward too was of Zarafa(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zarafa_%28software%29) in Fedora by Robert Scheck, had a discussion with robert on zarafa memory and cpu allocation issues and how stable it is now. After that attended the talk by Amit Shah on The Latest in Linux Virtualization but was bit late for the talk due to long  discussion with robert on zarafa stability, so couldn’t catch the talk well. Then was the talk which i was very excited about because am using puppet and lot other configuration and service management tool for my work, the talk on system automation using chef by Ranjib Dey, which went pretty well. Later Jared Smith gave an awesome talk on “Writing Technical Documentation with DocBook and Publican” , he used kushal’s python for you and me book for his reference and demos, and the talk rocked. Then was the time for talk by Venkat Krishna on  “RHQ – An open source system management suite”, which i liked and will test its deployment soon. All the talks were over by around 6:00 Pm and it was time for FUDPUB for which everyone was charged up. Me along with other attendees and COEP volunteers went for FUDPUB and had a great time there with rocking music , drinks and food.


The third day was the day for Hackfests and i was looking forward towards hackfests on Security spin/packaging and Puppet. Could not attend the puppet workshop because of time constraints. I started out with Kital and Robert and lot of students who turned up for the packaging hackfest which turned into a packaging workshop finally. Started out with packaging a software called TCT which is a tools for analyzing a system after a break-in and SDD for fedora. After some time me with other  attendees and volunteers went for some pizza grabbing for lunch. Will be soon sending SDD for review and TCT requires some patching of makefile, which i will have to discuss with its upstream and Robert. The day finally ended with having some good dinner with kishan and rtnpro.