Mapping party @ Durgapur


The mapping party at durgapur started at around 1:30 pm.Me with makghosh, rtnpro, bacharan kundu, swarnendu pal. Subhodip biswas joined us later.The mapping started right from our mess at saratpalli street2.We were divided in groups of two, one group consisting of me, makghosh, swarnendu and the other half was of rtnpro and bamacharan. Rtnpro and team were supposed to map the local and near by places and we started our journey from bicycle to the bit far away parts like NSHM, muchhipara. We started on our cycles, swarnendu had a real good idea of the place because durgapur is his native place, so we followed him. We went from steel park to aarah more, from all the beautifull places which i think i would not have seen if i would not have went out for mapping.We acctually explored some damn beautifull places small ponds, villages, mapped the whole lot of them for around one and a half hour till we reached to muchhipara via NSHM, were subhodip biswas was waiting for us.

Now was the time for a  7up break to make everything clear to us(as the brand goes “clear hai”).We rested for a while chilling ourselves with a bottle of cold drinks.Meanwhile rtnpro and bamacharan were busy mapping the nearer area, each and every street including mamra baazar and few other places. Now we along with the new member subhodip biswas who  had more GPS devices and he already came mapping few other places.The GPS devices was distributed among ourselves and now we went out to other places indivisually having GPS devices for everyone.While i was mapping the GPS device which i had kept on loosing the satellite signal due to trees. It was a good fun as i went to few places which i think would never have gone on myself and indeed few damn good places. We had planned before that we all will meet at the BCET college gate. I was a bit tired by the time till i reached first to the meeting destination then came subhodip biswas and makghosh was the last to come. We were damn hungry so now was the eating time :). We went to a nearby restaurant and rtnpro(as he was resting in mess) was called by the time  bamacharan and swarnendu went to there home as they had to do some diwali rituals and were called by there family members.We along with rtnpro had nice food there along with lot of fun. And then all of us came to our mess and everybody went to there homes from there only. By the time it was 6 pm and we had mapped around 100 km.It was a great fun :).

The Photos can be found at :